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What others have said

You get the accountability and support you need. I have seen clients whose IBS symptoms have come under control, chronic inflammation has gone away and those whose symptoms have improved to such a degree that they have been able to reduce or eliminate their medications.

“I was steadily gaining weight post 50, had little energy for exercise and was started on arthritis and GI medications. With Bonnie’s support and coaching, I lost weight, came off most of my meds, have more energy for working out and am feeling great!”

Lina R.

“Bonnie’s program is effective and easy to follow. I hardly noticed I was missing anything. My joint pain diminished, I lost weight and I haven’t felt better in years!”

Michelle N.

Before starting with Bonnie, I was gaining weight around the middle that just would not disappear. I was also suffering from joint pain. Now, l have lost almost 10 pounds and they have stayed off. I am never hungry and I have no joint pain.   Bonnie’s easy-to-follow recipes were easy to adapt to my routine, and the meal plans and shopping lists that were provided meant that no brain activity was required for cooking and shopping. I was surprised how easy it was to achieve weight loss, food awareness and feel better about myself.   I would highly recommend Bonnie as she helped me to change established patterns. Just do it!

Britta M

“Bonnie’s weekly coaching, recipes and suggested supplements addressed my symptoms and helped me meet the needs of my family. Bonnie communicates her strategies very clearly and in a warm, caring way with regular follow ups.”

Numila A.

This is a terrific program for those interested in changing their approach. I loved Bonnie’s guidance. She is very responsive and I felt she was there for the journey. She is not judgemental and genuinely invested in sharing this approach to food.

Katie L.

Bonnie’s program was designed as a lifestyle - not a quick fix. Bonnie helped me to stay focused with a caring, open personality that made me feel comfortable to ask for ideas, support etc. Her correspondents were non-judgmental and helpful.

Rebecca M.

My reason for going to Bonnie was to try a natural approach to help my arthritis and to also heal from the inside instead of using strong medications that masked the problems. Bonnie worked one on one with me to slowly change my lifestyle with food, stress and making myself a priority. Bonnie’s approach was easy to follow and motivating as I began to feel and see the results.  Through Bonnie’s guidance and help I am healthier, pain free and able to live a comfortable, manageable lifestyle for myself and my family. Bonnie truly changed my mindset by teaching me what my body could process and handle through food and positive lifestyle choices.

Rachel T.

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