Corporate Wellness Programs

“A successful health promotion program starts with a commitment from company leaders. And continued success depends on ongoing support at all levels.”

Lunch and Learns

Lunch and learn sessions provide simple, effective ways for offices to improve the overall health of their employees. Healthy employees have more energy, reduced stress, are more productive, and take fewer sick days.

Sessions are offered in 1-hour, interactive formats that your employees will find engaging and fun. Through lunch and learns, your employees will be provided with the tools and motivation to take positive action.

All participants will receive free product samples, a meal plan with recipes, and a shopping list so they can easily get started.

Topics of interest include:

Bonnie Flemington speaking
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Bonnie Flemington speaker
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Online Nutrition Consulting

Take better care of your people so they can take better care of business!

Online individual nutritional consulting provides employees with easy access to utilize their nutritionist extended health benefits. Having Bonnie set aside time for your employees allows them to conveniently gain access to nutrition support during breaks in their workday.

This service is at no cost to the employer as payment is made through direct billing or reimbursement from the benefits provider. All documentation and exchanges of information are confidential and made through a PIPEDA and HIPPA compliant software system.

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