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Meals Made Easy

Do you feel like weekly prep and cooking healthy meals takes too much effort? Is figuring out what to eat adding to your daily stress?

Discover the meal planning program that can eliminate your decisions about what to buy and how to prepare the foods that you’ll enjoy.

The number 1 problem with eating healthy isn’t knowing what to eat, it’s actually doing it.

Just Imagine…

  • Getting time back during the week for the things you love to do and people you want to spend time with.
  • Saving hard-earned money with less use of takeout, processed foods, and refined or sugary snacks.
  • Having delicious food organized in the fridge at eye level so it makes it easy to grab what makes you feel good.
  • Making healthy eating easier with an anti-inflammatory plan that also supports your sleep, digestion and energy levels.

Meal planning takes time. And it’s hard to get motivated to spend that time when you’re busy with everything else going on in your life.

Meal Prep

Here’s what you get in your inbox each week..

  • WEEKLY MENU CALENDAR that includes 4 entrees (vegetarian, fish, poultry & meat), 3 breakfasts (including 1 smoothie), and 2 snacks (including 1 baking). They are portioned for 2 people but can be easily scaled for 1 or more than 2 if needed.
  • GROCERY SHOPPING LIST organized by area of the grocery store to make your shopping fast and easy. You can input it directly into your online order!
  • WEEKLY PREP NOTES so that you can prep for the week in 2 cooking sessions.
  • RECIPES that are free of gluten, cow dairy, and refined sugar and contain a balance of macronutrients to support your daily energy.

Hi, I’m Bonnie Flemington, Certified Nutritionist, mother of 3, and creator of  your Weekly Meal Plans.

As a Certified Nutritionist, I know the importance of healthy eating. As a mom of 3, I also know about the challenges of actually getting organized to do it.


Working with my individual and group program clients, one of the most common roadblocks we work on is in implementing the strategies that will make the difference between how we feel now and how we want to feel. It’s amazing how small swaps can make a big difference!


That’s where Bonnie’s meal planning program can help.


We all want to eat more vegetables and a balance of other healthy foods. But the process of deciding which foods to buy and how to easily prepare them so you’ll enjoy eating them can be a challenge. Bonnie’s meal plans will take the thinking out of each step, so you can just shop, prep and enjoy.


“I absolutely loved the weekly meal plans!” Katie L.

Click below to sign up and get everything you need to feel relaxed when you hear the question “what’s for dinner?”

Start Saving Time and Get Your Meal Plans Now

3 months of meal plans

$97 CAD / $78 USD

Love It Or Your Money Back.

We are so confident that you will love these meal plans that we provide a full refund within 1 week of starting the program if you are unsatisfied in any way.