Personalized Nutrition Coaching

Personalized Nutrition Coaching

Personalized nutrition coaching consists of 3 phases, where I outline the steps to reducing your inflammation and arthritis pain.

This full-service, expert-guided program provides you with personalized support and helps you achieve your nutrition and pain management goals. All sessions can take place in-person or remotely by phone or teleconference.

How the 3 phases work

1.   Intake and assessment to determine the root causes of your symptoms.

  • You’ll complete a health history form and food journal 24 hours before our initial consultation.
  • I’ll come to our 60-minute assessment session with an analysis of the root causes of your symptoms and my initial recommendations.
  • We’ll create an initial action plan that includes food, supplements, and lifestyle recommendations.

2.   Monitoring your progress to get you where you want to be

  • We’ll monitor your progress and symptoms with weekly or bi-weekly 30-minute follow-ups and adjust your plan as needed.
  • I’ll provide you with coaching and problem-solving strategies to help you integrate your nutritional changes into your routine.
  • I’ll include support materials such as handouts, meal plans with recipes, and supplement brands as needed throughout the process.

3.   Coaching to help you stay on track. Health is a journey, not a destination. Once you have achieved your goal in step 2, it’s important to continue with maintenance to ensure your symptoms don’t return.

  • We’ll continue with periodic follow-ups to maintain the level of health you have achieved.
  • We’ll review and revise your supplements based on your ongoing needs so that you maintain your health long-term.

Working closely with me gives you the accountability you need to reach your goals. Completing the process allows you to sustain your goals long-term. You will always feel supported.

Both individual session fees and packages are available.

Unlock your joint pain with foods that heal

Download my free anti-inflammatory e-guide and learn
to use food to its fullest potential


The anti-inflammatory e-guide includes:

  • Foods you should ditch and foods that will help you heal
  • Easy-to-prepare meals that help reduce inflammation
  • A shopping list and prep guide to help you set your day up for success
  • Quick, anti-inflammatory snack ideas for your on-the-go lifestyle
  • Weekly tips to help you integrate your new food choices with ease