Personalized Nutrition Coaching

Personalized Nutrition Coaching

Personalized nutrition coaching consists of 3 phases, where I outline the steps to reducing your inflammation and achieving your health goals.

This full-service, expert-guided program provides you with personalized support and helps you achieve your nutrition and pain management goals. All sessions can take place in-person or remotely by phone or teleconference.

How the 3 phases work

1.   Intake and assessment to determine the root causes of your symptoms.

2.   Monitoring your progress to get you where you want to be

3.   Once you have achieved your goals, we will continue with maintenance to ensure your symptoms don’t return.

Bonnie Flemington welcome client in office

Working closely with me gives you the accountability you need to reach your goals. Completing the process allows you to sustain your goals long-term. You will always feel supported.

Both individual session fees and packages are available.

Unlock your joint pain with foods that heal

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