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Everyday Toxins That Impede Weight Loss

We used to think of toxic exposure as something unusual, and confined to a specific group such as with specialized occupational hazards. However, with new chemical substances being added to our everyday personal care products, processed foods, and building materials, none of us is exempt from exposure to toxic chemicals today.

This chemical burden is no secret as there are numerous reports and studies exploring the health hazards of our toxic load and finding links to problems such as human reproductioncancer, and obesity. Could this be the reason that your weight loss efforts aren’t working? Yes, it could!

How this works is that when we are exposed to more toxins than our body can process, we store the excess in our fat tissues. Our body is smart since this protects our vital organs from these chemicals. However, when we try to lose weight, the release of these toxins can result in insulin resistance and reduced metabolism making weight loss difficult or impossible.

What can we do about this?

The simple answer is to reduce our toxic load in the first place to lessen the burden on our body’s detoxification systems. Here are 4 simple strategies:

1. Eat foods with ingredients you could buy in a store and make yourself

If you don’t recognize an ingredient on the list, put the product back on the shelf.

If you would like a guide to follow, check out this 5-day meal plan and recipe guide where all the meals can be prepped in 20 minutes or less without having to worry about unrecognizable ingredients.

>>>>>>>Download the meal plan here.

2. Clean your indoor air by removing your shoes and opening windows

FREE and easy!

Cosmetic cream with flowers and spa stones on wooden background
3. Reduce the number of chemicals in your body care products.

An Environmental Working Group (EWG) survey found that the average person uses 9 products with 126 unique chemicals in it EACH DAY. Use the EWGs Skin Deep database to find out how your products measure up. I have made my own changes by reducing the number of products I use overall. And, for the ones I use, I have found that I like the skincare from DoTerra (here) and makeup from BeautyCounter.

>>>>> Interested in learning more about the DoTerra line of bodycare products? Contact me here to book a time to chat.

Homemade green cleaning.Lemon and baking soda on old wooden background
4. Reduce the number of chemical cleaning products you use.

Using simple solutions with ingredients you already have goes a long way to cleaning your house … baking soda, salt, vinegar, and lemon to name a few. Add in some essential oils and you can have fantastic smelling cleaners! Or, DoTerra has a great cleaner concentrate that is fantastic!

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