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Is Clutter Getting in Your Way?

Clutter is something that we can all relate to. Each of us has probably experienced clutter getting in our way at one point or another. And maybe even more than we’d like to admit!

However, there are great reasons to get a handle on it. The main one being that it can create a roadblock preventing us from achieving our goals. Did you know that clutter has been shown to increase stress, trigger the release of cortisol and contribute to overeating?

When it comes to health and nutrition goals, we often think of clearing the junk or processed food out of our kitchen. And this is a great idea! However, if we want to sustain our health goals, we need to go further than that.

There is a strong connection between your physical and mental states. So, to get where you want to be, we need to address more than just the kitchen pantry.

Let me be your guide to create your environment so that you can achieve what you want.

Pantry Clean Up

Yes, this needs to be addressed. It will be super hard to make the healthy choices you want with a bunch of convenience snacks and processed foods in the way. So, it’s time to ditch the party leftovers and start fresh.

If you’re like me and hate to waste things, just remind yourself that you’re not wasting nutrients, because there is very little (if any) in the items you’ll be discarding.

My top tip here is to remove anything in your pantry with ingredients that you couldn’t buy in a store. Ditch the most processed first.

Framework provides Freedom

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”

-Benjamin Franklin

Making decisions is tiring and uses up willpower. Even checking email or deciding what to wear uses it up! So, you need a plan in place so that you don’t expend precious willpower debating and deciding what to eat, how much to eat or when to eat etc.

My top tip here is to make a weekly plan when you are doing your grocery shopping (usually on the weekend). This makes it easier to have healthy options available on the more hectic weekdays. Also, planning the meals and snack you will eat the night before eliminates any debate so that you don’t veer from your plan.

Download a complimentary 5-day plan (with shopping list and recipes), so that you can start to feel the freedom from having to think about what to make.

You might think that this planning sounds restrictive, but consider that it actually provides you with more freedom! You’re the one making the plan, so you decide what you’re going to have and when you’re going to have it to achieve your goals. The freedom comes when you are less pulled by unhealthy options because you have already made your plan.

Hack Your Habits

As Shawn Achor says in “The Happiness Advantage” making something 20 seconds easier to do makes it much more likely to happen. I love this idea. An example that he gives in the book is when he slept in his gym clothes to make himself more likely to go to the gym in the morning. Then eventually, once it was a habit, he no longer had to do that.

My top tip here is to make sure that your healthiest choices are at eye level. And keep healthy leftovers in organized containers since they make convenient meals and snacks.

NOTE: best practice when you come home from the grocery store is to wash and pre-prepare as much produce, hard boiled eggs etc. as possible. This is so that you have a good selection of convenient foods that align with your values handy.

Bottom Line

You need to clear the clutter in both your physical environment and your mental state. They work together to get the best result.

Clearing the physical clutter, having your plan in place and making the plan easier to carry out all work together to increase your chances for success.

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If you would like to discuss how you can create the thoughts you need to support achieving your health goals, schedule a call with me now to discuss.

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