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Stress-Busting Tips That Work

Some days, stress can feel like it’s wreaking havoc on your health. I have written about the health implications of stress many times. I’ve discussed how they impact specific health symptomsweight loss, and your adrenals.

Many of us have heard that acute stress can be helpful in motivating us to action to get things done. And on the flip side, chronic stress can deplete us and send us on a downward spiral of symptoms such as I’ve written about above. So, if stress is both good and bad, what do we do?

You can start by focusing on getting the foods and supplements that help reduce stress in the body. Making sure that our body doesn’t have to deal with the physical stresses of processed foods, nutrient deficiencies or food sensitivities is a great start.

And at the same time, it is important to explore the mindset pieces that can help. I want to share with you some specific things that you can do to both reduce your stress and experience the positive benefits from the stress you have. There is no one activity that works for everyone. Pick the one that resonates with you and get started.

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Work on Mindset

Back of meditating woman relaxing in pose of lotus outdoors

Meditation – This practice is touted as one of the best ways to slow your mind so that you can relax in our physical body. It also helps give you the time and space to reframe your stress. You might start to think of your stress as energizing rather than overwhelming! And even a 1-minute meditation can be beneficial.

Journaling – You don’t need to spend a lot of time writing out your thoughts for the process to work. Taking just a few minutes to write 3 things you’re grateful for helps to keep you in a positive frame of mind. The more specific you can be in your writings, the greater the impact will be for you. Pick out the small positives in your day.

Sleep – Too little sleep and too much stress go hand-in-hand. To calm a racing mind for sleep, try diffusing lavender essential oil in your room at night. This will calm the nervous system and help you get to sleep.

Build Community

New research is coming out about the health issues related to loneliness. So these are some ideas to get ourselves joined up with a supportive group of friends with the same interests.

Join a book or craft club – Whether you enjoy knitting, scrapbooking, colouring or reading, this will get you actually take some time for your hobby. And the bonus is that you will also have some set dates and times to laugh with friends (in-person or online).

Restorative exercise – There are many benefits to exercise. And gently moving your body is another great way to de-stress. Join a walking group or a yoga, stretch, or tai chi class or participate in online exercise videos. These are all social ways to relax your mind and improve your strength and balance at the same time.

Self-care – Do you love getting mani/pedi’s or going on a spa day? Take a break with some self-care that you love to do. A few minutes of care for yourself even in your own home can make all the difference.

Get outside – It’s so important to spend time with family (and pets) whom you love. And getting outdoors only makes this better as you can take a break from your usual daily tasks (and walk your dog if you have one).

Bottom Line

When dealing with stress, a reduction is only one of the goals. Working on your mindset to see some stress as positive and surrounding yourself with support should also be a factor. And there is no magic activity that is perfect for everyone. It’s the one that creates the feeling that you are looking for.

Do you have other great ideas? Let me know what helps you de-stress in our community FaceBook group. And learn from others what works for them.

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