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Combating Inflammation and the Accelerated Effects of Aging

What exactly is inflammation? Inflammation gets a bad rap because we always think of it as a negative. However, acute inflammation is a natural and important part of the healing process in the body that you might notice as heat, pain, redness, swelling.  When we talk about combating inflammation, we’re referring to chronic inflammation that […]

How to Use Diet to Support Your Mood, Memory and Happiness

As we age, it is important that we use a holistic approach to stay feeling young as long as possible. The quick fixes or resets don’t work. It is a holistic approach integrated into our daily routines that make all the difference. And nothing is more important than our mental health! Did you know that […]

Important Nutrients as We Age

Aging isn’t an illness, and we should not assume that pain and disease are an inevitable part of it. However, as we age, the needs of our body changes as well. As we age, many of us start to experience negative health symptoms. It’s important that we listen to those symptoms as it’s our body’s […]

Look Years Younger with Nutrition and Lifestyle

Do you ever feel like your skin is looking older than you are and want to know what you can do about it? Sure, we know that excess UV ray exposure causes skin aging. But did you know that your diet and lifestyle can cause accelerated skin aging as well? How Excess Sugar Damages Skin […]

Fight Inflammation With Foods That Heal

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