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Is My Poop Normal?

Have you ever wondered if your poop is normal? Do you care? … You should! Your poop can reflect your physical, and sometimes even emotional, health. For example, you may get constipation or diarrhea when you eat something that “doesn’t agree with you,” or when you’re super-nervous about something. Or, maybe you haven’t taken the time […]

How Do I Stop Eating Too Much?

Have you ever told yourself that you don’t have enough willpower or you just love food too much? You’re not alone! There are many reasons why you frequently feel hungry. The most obvious one is that you are actually physically hungry! Perhaps your stomach is empty, your blood sugar has dropped, and your hunger hormones are having […]

5 Easy Ways to Beat Bloating

Do you sometimes start the day with a flat stomach, only to feel like your waistband doesn’t fit later on in the day? Ever wondered why this happens and what you can do to stop it? Bloating is common. About 15-30% of people experience it regularly. It comes from having difficulties digesting food. And the symptoms come […]

Creating a Mindset for Health

I have described the pillars of overall health being: nutrition, movement, mindset, and environment. Nutrition – eating whole foods that nourish our body Movement – moving our bodies in ways that feel good Mindset – the thoughts and beliefs that have an impact Environment – living in an environment that is clean and free of […]

Eat Better without Changing Your Grocery List

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to eat “whatever they want” and can still manage to feel great and full of energy? Sometimes eating better doesn’t have to do as much with the actual food as it does with our habits and routines around eating. Most of us in North America are accustomed […]

Fight Inflammation With Foods That Heal

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