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How Healthy Is Our Daily Coffee?

I just finished coaching a fantastic group through a detox program, and everyone did great! We were working to change eating habits by giving up processed foods, refined sugars, and starches. What turned out to be the biggest challenge for many though was … giving up the daily coffee. The headaches and fatigue were the […]

5 Things that are Wrecking Your Gut (and why you should care)

The human body contains trillions of microbial cells composed of thousands of different species that are integral to adequate digestion and nutrition. I never gave my digestive health a second thought, however, improving it turned out to be a significant factor in eliminating my joint pain. In our modern society, compromised gut health is common. […]

How Can I Sleep Better?

Having trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep, or feeling rested in the morning? Are you feeling exhausted or using sugar or caffeine to get through your day? This is a common problem. In fact, it’s one that more than half of Canadians suffer with. I get it, I’m naturally one of those “night owls” too. But […]

Fight Inflammation With Foods That Heal

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