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Top Posts From 2017

This year has been a great one and I want to take this time to celebrate all the things that have happened and information we have learned along the way here at Bonnie Flemington Wellness. I created my business website and began changing lives with through one-to-one nutrition consulting. I also developed a new 4-week online group program called Finding Foodease for sustained weight loss and energy that had its successful launch this fall and will be running again in January (get the early bird rate by registering by Jan 13, 2018!).

Another main component of what I’ve been doing is sharing knowledge of nutrition and health as well as recipes with you in my weekly blog. Today, I want to celebrate the most popular posts for a fun look back at what you all found interesting to read this year.

Wishing you the best for the remainder of 2017 and best wishes for a healthy and happy 2018!

What Happened When I Gave Up Sugar

This post is the top read post of the year! It describes my personal story that took me from a sugar addict to someone who rarely eats it. Reducing the sweet stuff in my life resulted in a change in my taste for it as well as reduced inflammation, fatigue, and hot flashes. Want some help reducing sugar? Download this sugar-free meal plan and guide with all the recipes you need to get you through the week!

Check out my experience with sugar here.

What Oil Should I Cook With?
Bottles of extra virgin olive oil, green gold of Andalusia, Spain

This year, we’ve learned that eating healthy fat is good for us, but it can get confusing to know what that means when it comes to cooking oils. This post dives into the important aspects of smoke point and refining as well as providing details on the types of oils you want to use for what purpose and why.

Learn about cooking oils here.

5 Things that are Wrecking Your Gut (and why you should care)
Illustration about Probiotics with soft Pen on old Paper

Hippocrates said that “all disease begins in the gut.” So keeping yours healthy is pretty important! From medications to stress to nutrition, this post gives you the details on what is going on in your body that is impacting your gut health and your child’s gut health too. (NOTE: One great thing that can help is bone broth).

Keep your gut in check with this info.

Three Ways to Avoid Overeating at Meals

These are 3 easy tips that might seem too simple to be true, but really have a big impact on helping you keep your portions right for you. From drinking water to mindfulness to what to eat first, these are good resolutions to include on your list!

Learn about the 3 tips to avoid overeating here.

Tips to Reduce Afternoon Fatigue
Frontal view of a good looking woman sleeping on a keyboard while holding a cup of coffee at the office

So many of us run on caffeine and sugar all day and don’t realize the toll it takes to affect our body’s ability to function. This post will give you the steps you need to take so that you have all the energy you need to get all your stuff done. From what to eat and drink to how to take a break, these tips will help to keep your day running smoothly.

Learn about the Do’s and Don’t to maximize your energy here.

5 Easy Swaps to Cut Cravings and Increase All-Day Energy

We make food choices all day long, from the time we get up to dinnertime. Sometimes small changes in what we reach for can make a huge impact. This post takes you through the day so that you can start to build the habits you need to get the outcome you want.

Learn the swaps to take at each point in the day to cut cravings and increase energy.

Is Stress Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

Stress is one of those intangible things that is hard to reduce even though we know it is negatively impacting our health. In this post, I talk about how it may be impacting your ability to lose weight and what you can do to help.

Check out the details on the impacts of stress here.

I’m so excited for 2018 where I will be creating new content in a private Facebook community. Click here to join in where I will provide inspiration, health information and even more recipes (not found on this site) to help you to achieve your 2018 health goals.

Click here to request to join.

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