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What the Heck are Adaptogens?

Adaptogenic herbs are those that have constituents that help our bodies to adapt to stress. They do this by exerting a non-specific but normalizing effect on the body and have an anti-fatigue effect helping you to increase your mental work capacity. They also support the functioning of our thyroid and adrenal glands (where cortisol is produced) for an appropriate stress response.

And who doesn’t need a little support with stress?

>>>>Here is more reading to come back to on how to reduce stress and how stress affects weight loss.

I learned about these herbs early in my nutrition studies but didn’t start taking them myself until more recently. What I have learned is that it takes time to test out the benefits of these herbs and find the ones that work the best for your own needs and physiology.

I have found a blend that works for me. So, I’d like to share with you some of the common adaptogens and their benefits so that you can explore how you might incorporate them into your own routine.

I usually recommend adding these in as a tea or in supplement form. As always, please be sure to check with your licensed healthcare practitioner before adding any supplements to your diet. Also, feel free to book a free 20-minute discovery call with me here to discuss.

Panax Ginseng

Numerous studies support its use to support a person’s ability to withstand chronic stress. In addition, it supports mental function and has also been shown to improve fasting blood sugar levels and help support weight loss.


Used in Ayurvedic medicine for 2500 years and its benefits on stress response have been studied for decades – it’s immune modulating and helps with anxietycognitionimproved lipid levelsinflammation and arthritis.

Licorice Root

Increase energy and endurance and boost the immune system. I recommend looking for the DGL form so that it doesn’t cause sodium retention and potentially contribute to HBP in susceptible individuals.

Holy Basil

Also called tulsi, it’s known in India for its anti-aging benefits and I love taking this in a tea! Studies support using holy basil for improved cognition and reduced anxiety and stress.


Rhodiola provides biological defence against stress and benefits a number of other physiological conditions.


This is a powerful medicinal mushroom that helps to support energy production to help maintain constant energy levels.

How to use: I usually take this in an elixir form such as here or a complete adaptogen powder blend here. (If ordering, remember to use promo code BFW for 10% off).

Bottom Line

Remember, some of these will suit you more than others depending on your physiology and your needs. And sometimes it’s a combination of herbs can provide you with the results you’re looking for.

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