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Realistic Tips for Healthy Holiday Parties

hear from a lot of my clients how they feel that they don’t have the willpower to make the right choices during the holidays. Often, they tell stories about being so busy during the day that they end up not eating, and then they are starving at the holiday party and overeat everything in sight.

One of the biggest lessons that I have learned in coaching about nutrition is that deprivation is a recipe for overeating later. The idea about “saving” your appetite so you can let loose later definitely doesn’t work. We need a different strategy.

Here are my 3 top tips that work and are also easy to do…

Stay Hydrated

Stay well hydrated during the day. And then also, have a glass of water along with anything else that you are drinking in the evening. Being properly hydrated promotes good digestion, optimal energy, encourages metabolism and regulates appetite.

Alcohol, on the other hand, increases appetite and diminishes your ability to control what you eat. This doesn’t mean you can’t have any on a special occasion, just be mindful about quantity and alternate between alcohol and water.

Choose Health Promoting Foods
Veggie crudite platter with three different dips on the metal background

The foods you choose either help or hinder your health goals. And when you’re starving, it’s hard to make well thought out choices. The goal is to eat delicious foods that also make you feel great.

When you are heading out to a holiday party a great tip is to have a healthy snack before going. Really. I know this seems backward, but it really works. When you arrive at a party and aren’t starving, you make better choices.

And you can offer to bring something healthful that you love, so you know it will be an option. If there’s a buffet table full of unhealthy foods, I recommend that you stand on the opposite side of the room to reduce temptation.

Also, make your intentions of the event on the social aspect, including fun conversation and making connections, to take the focus off the food.

Eat Mindfully
Group Of Friends Having Dinner Party At Home

Your attitude towards food can impact your ability to metabolize, absorb nutrients and feel satiated by it. So, mindset is one of the top keys to making healthy choices a habit. Here are 3 strategies to try…

  • Relax by taking deep breaths before and during eating.
  • Chew slowly.
  • Pay attention to what you’re eating so that you can enjoy it. (The enjoyment of your food is one of the factors in helping to regulate your appetite. If you can’t remember eating it, you lose that mechanism of satiation, so savour it.)

Finally, if you choose to eat a less healthy option, keep a positive mindset about it so that maximize any benefits it has for you without trying to digest guilt along with the food.

Bottom Line

Keep your story positive. If you keep telling yourself that you “always overeat at parties” or you “don’t have willpower” then these beliefs are more likely to manifest.

Replace these thoughts with phrases like “My relationship with food is positive” or “I make positive choices about my health” so that you can start living that way.

By staying hydrated, choosing health-promoting foods and doing so in a positive, mindful manner, it’s hard to go wrong. Do you want to join my community full of some of the most positive, supportive and fun people that I know? Click here to request to join us so that we can help to bring a lift into your day.

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