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Take Control of Your Inflammation

Have you heard that inflammation in the body can contribute to numerous health problems? Have you ever wondered how to know whether inflammation is an issue for you? This can be challenging to figure out because chronic, systemic inflammation is silent in the body. So, it’s important to understand some of the early, physical symptoms […]

Healthy Banana Muffins

Banana muffins are often a “go-to” snack since they are portable and tasty. The addition of nuts, cinnamon, and coconut add to their anti-inflammatory benefits. Bananas have a lot of nutrients, but the over-ripe ones also have a high sugar content, so don’t over-do it! It can be easy to have too much fruit in a day because the […]

Why You Should Eat Fermented Foods

There is growing interest in the idea that the bacteria in our digestive tract have a strong influence on our overall health. But what difference does it really make? How do we know if we are out of balance? And how do we incorporate these foods easily into our daily meals? We don’t often think […]

How to Get More Veggies in Your Day

There is one food that everyone agrees is healthy … VEGETABLES! Regardless of your personal eating style, non-starchy vegetables should be a big part of your diet. They are nutrient dense powerhouses that are nutrish and delish! Numerous vegetables are touted for their important healing benefits. Whether it’s the cardiovascular benefits of beets, the cancer-fighting benefits of broccoli, or […]

Healthful Tips on Enjoying Treats

We all love to enjoy treats every once in a while. And as a sweet lover myself, I’m no exception! But have you ever given some thought to how often we typically partake in these high in sugar, low in nutrient foods? Have you ever felt a pang of guilt after overindulging or wondered what cumulative effect […]

How You Eat Is As Important As What You Eat

We often think about what are the “right” or “healthy” foods to eat. As we research and read information on nutrition, it’s easy to get confused and not know where to begin. Do you ever get stressed about making choices at the grocery store or in a restaurant? If you find yourself in this situation, […]

5 Things that are Wrecking Your Gut (and why you should care)

The human body contains trillions of microbial cells composed of thousands of different species that are integral to adequate digestion and nutrition. I never gave my digestive health a second thought, however, improving it turned out to be a significant factor in eliminating my joint pain. In our modern society, compromised gut health is common. […]

What Happened When I Gave Up Sugar

I won’t bore you with my whole wellness journey story (click here), but there came a point in my life when I made the decision to give up refined sugars. This did not come easily for me, a self-described sugaraholic! I had been hearing a lot of buzz about the negative health effects of sugar, […]

What Does “Leaky Gut” Mean

Have you ever heard the term “leaky gut” and wondered what that means? It’s a common term in health articles and, it’s thought to be partly responsible for many common symptoms and conditions (e.g. intolerances, joint pain, and autoimmune diseases). But what exactly is leaky gut? What causes it? What kinds of issues are related to it? […]

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