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Top Posts and Videos of 2018

Before we jump into setting our resolutions of things we want to improve, let’s take a review back at how much we have learned and grown over the last year! 2018 was awesome and I know that each of you in my community has made some tweaks to your diet or lifestyle that you are proud of. I would love to hear about them! Please post in our private community group here.

And as a fun stroll down memory lane, I’ve listed the top posts and videos that you enjoyed over the year. So, if you missed any of the ones below, click through and have a read/watch since others found them helpful. And if you don’t want to miss any in the future (and get some free recipes), please subscribe to my weekly e-newsletter here.

Top Posts

Is Coffee God or Bad?

With coffee being the top go-to drink for so many people, this was the top read post of the year!! Studies show that coffee is good for us and they also show that it’s bad for us. So, which is it? Read on to clear up the confusion and get the guidance you need to determine the best choice for you.

Check out who shouldn’t drink coffee here.

Why You Need to Get the Toxins Out

Plastic shopping basket with plastic bottles of body care and beauty products

If you have worked on your diet and are managing your stress, yet still are experiencing negative healthy symptoms, it may be time to look into the toxins in your life. Since toxins are everywhere, this might sound like a waste of time or overwhelming. Yet it is definitely worth looking into.

Check out this post to help you figure out which toxins might be keeping you from achieving your goals.

4 Easy Nutrition Habits with Big Impacts

Don’t we all want to do some simple things that will get us what we want? As I work with clients who experience the most success, I have learned that it is the creation of habits that is key.

Here are 4 food habits to get started on now.

Top Videos

Common Weight Loss Myths Busted

With all the confusing information available, it’s great to set the record straight and bust come commonly believed myths. This video does just that!

Clear up the confusion on weight loss by watching this video here.

What a Nutritionist Eats for Lunch

I often hear the comment “I’ll just have what Bonnie’s having” when I go out to eat with close friends. In this video, I share one of my regular lunches that I vary up depending on what I have on hand so that you can create this routine for yourself if you want.

Check out the video on what I have for lunch here.

Two Things You Need to Successfully Manage Weight and Energy

We all want our health solutions to be simple, so I’ve narrowed down the most important things for managing weight and energy levels down to 2 things. We can all do 2 things, right? So the next time you are making a choice, go back to these tips and ask yourself, “is my choice consistent with these top tips?”

Check out the video of the 2 things you should focus on here and read the corresponding post here.

Tip to Manage Blood Sugar that Doesn’t Have to Do with Food

Young woman doing yoga exercises on yoga mat on beach in the morning

I always love a nutrition tip that doesn’t actually have to do with what you’re eating! Here is a tip to manage your blood sugar that falls into that category. Curious?

Watch the video to learn how to manage your blood sugar with lifestyle.

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