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When Your Willpower Wanes

When we want to achieve a goal or new year’s resolution, willpower can start high, and then wanes over time.

Have you ever noticed how January in the gym is packed, and by February it’s back to the just the regulars?

It’s natural for willpower to wane, so expect it to happen. But what can we do so that we don’t fail? There’s nothing worse than not meeting your goal (except for not meeting it again).

Here are some ways to set yourself up for success and help reduce the need for willpower so you can achieve your goals.

Set Realistic Goals

Don’t try and overhaul everything at once. It uses up too much energy to change multiple things in your routine and you will burn out. When I was making changes in my own diet and lifestyle, I changed one thing at a time and added another change only when I truly had the first thing mastered. In some cases, it took me months to master one change!

Get the Support You Need

We all respond to expectations differently. However, the majority of us perform best when we have outward accountability. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does making a commitment to someone else help you to show up?
  • Do you work harder in a structured exercise class or personal training session over general running or cycling on your own?

The above applies to me for sure! If you are someone who works best with external accountability to get you to the finish line, then sign up for that class or course, or hire a coach to help you.

Also, talking about any roadblocks or challenges in your way can help. Sometimes the perspective of others can help you to see a situation differently and make more progress than if you kept your frustrations to yourself.

Make a Plan

Once you have your plan, then you need to create a routine around it so that the mental effort to carry out the plan is minimized.

Don’t have a plan or know where to begin? No problem!

Finding Foodease provides you with the plan you need to have in place and helps you to integrate it into your routines so that the changes become a habit.

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For instance, one goal could be to eliminate sugary “between-meal” snacking. In this example, the plan can be to have your daily food organized in advance, and your habit change can be to pre-prepare your food on the weekend.

Bottom Line

You will need more than willpower to achieve your goals. Our willpower gets used up with everyday tasks such as checking email, so you need more than that to be successful.

You need:

  • A plan that includes routines and hacks to make it easier.
  • Accountability to keep you on track.
  • And rewards other than food to nourish yourself.

Do you want more personalized help, or aren’t sure where to begin? Book a free call with Bonnie here to discuss your readiness to make a change and determine if we are a good fit to work together.

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If you would like to discuss how you can create the thoughts you need to support achieving your health goals, schedule a call with me now to discuss.

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