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One Pan Frittata

I LOVE a one-pan dish. Most of the reason is the time savings in cooking and doing the dishes after! But it can’t just be easy, it has to taste good too. Here is one of my favourites that meets the criteria for both. Tasty, uses only one pan and healthy too. Some of the […]

Quick and Easy Pad Thai

I love pad thai, but I don’t like the refined starch in all those noodles!! Now, I have discovered the konjac noodle. And here I want to share with you the recipe that I have created so that I can make a healthy pad thai easily at home. What are konjac noodles you ask? Check out my […]

5 Foods That Take Care of Your Heart

I became interested in how to naturally care for my heart as I observed many of my family members coping with the health consequences of living with heart disease. Diet and lifestyle changes can have a significant and positive impact on heart disease symptoms, and go a long way towards prevention. Heart disease is the number one killer […]

Fight Inflammation With Foods That Heal

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