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Realistic Tips for Healthy Holiday Parties

hear from a lot of my clients how they feel that they don’t have the willpower to make the right choices during the holidays. Often, they tell stories about being so busy during the day that they end up not eating, and then they are starving at the holiday party and overeat everything in sight. […]

What Do You Want to Create for Yourself?

As we near the end of the calendar year, many of us start to plan our strategies in different areas of our life. Businesses plan out their year and so too should we create strategies for our life and health. Everything we become is done gradually over time… “We are always becoming, and we can […]

4 Tips for Achieving Goals

Have you ever had the experience of setting a goal one year, only to find yourself setting the same goal a year later? Do you feel like you have trouble staying on track and end up giving up? This is a common problem, particularly with health goals (and weight loss in particular). If I had […]

Fight Inflammation With Foods That Heal

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