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Healthy Holiday Gifts (That They’ll Actually Want)

I often find that one of the biggest stresses of the holiday season is coming up with the perfect gift for everyone on my list. And all perfectly wrapped by a specific date too!

Well, this year, I’m dropping the perfection part, but still taking the time to find some fun gifts that show that I care (which is really the point anyway!). Since my lifestyle is all about health and feeling great, I like my gifts to help others and achieve the same.

Here is my round up of this year’s healthy gift ideas of all different kinds and in all different price ranges. These are tried and true gifts tested and loved by … me!

I know that you will find something on this list for you (and maybe splurge on a family member or two also).


Food and Nutrition

Vitamix – This is an appliance that we use almost daily in our house and is on the list again this year. From smoothies to dips, it blends everything perfectly (even lemon rinds!). Also, the customer service and warranty are excellent. Here are some of the delicious smoothies that I make with my Vitamix…

Make your own gift basket!! I have a lot of goodies that I like to order online and would like to share the savings that I get. Some ideas include…

  • Rawcology (use code BFW15 for 15% OFF) – I love their low sugar granolas and coconut chips
  • Raw Elements (use code BFW for 10% off) – I love their LoveChock chocolate, Four Sigmatic mushroom elixir. Dandy blend, Lakanto monk fruit sweetener, matcha, herbal teas (and lots more!)
  • Genuine Health (use code BONNIE15 for 15% off) – so many great options here from bars to protein or greens powders to probiotics!
  • Collagen Powder – this is a fantastic way to support your hair, skin, nails, and joints! It dissolves completely into any beverage, coconut yogurt, oat/chia, etc.


Reduce Toxins


Garden City Essentials – This local, small-batch skincare has been one of my favourite go-to’s for years! My friend Jolene started this business well before our nutrition school days and it has been growing ever since. Check out the variety of options she has, my personal favourite is the probiotic deodorant. She has an excellent and affordable sampler pack so that you can try a wide variety of her offerings!!


Graydon Skincare – is one of my favourite natural brands. Graydon uses superfoods in all her products and they are all effective, nourishing and vegan.


Jumpstart Your Health

Weekly Meal Planning Program – Make your meal planning easier this year by having someone else do it for you. Imaging getting back wasted time and money and end up with delicious food organized so that you can make healthy eating easier. Check out the link to learn more about the program. You can start at any time and if you want to make it a gift, I can create a custom certificate for you and start it at a time that works for the receiver.


NOTE: I also provide gift certificates for the holidays in case you want to give this service or a VIP group or individual program as a gift. Contact me here to inquire.


Relax and Sleep


Oura Ring – this is a wonderful gift for the person who is interested in learning more about the quality of their sleep and how they can set themselves up for the best day possible. The readiness indicator takes into account important health data about your energy levels and guides you on when to take it easy and when to go for it!

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