Healthy Holiday Gifts (That They’ll Actually Want)

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I often find that one of the biggest stresses of the holiday season is coming up with the perfect gift for everyone on my list. And all perfectly wrapped by a specific date too!

Well, this year, I’m dropping the perfection part, but still taking the time to find some fun gifts that show that I care (which is really the point anyway!). Since my lifestyle is all about health and feeling great, I like my gifts to help others and achieve the same.

Here is my round up of healthy gift ideas of all different kinds and in all different price ranges. These are tried and true gifts tested and loved by … me!

I know that you will find something on this list for you (and maybe splurge on a family member or two also).

Have Fun in the Kitchen

Instant Pot – I love this one because it has the functionality of a slow cooker, pressure cooker (and more) and I use both features frequently. And here’s a delicious stew recipe to get you started once you have it.

Vitamix – This is an appliance that we use almost daily in our house. From smoothies to dips, it blends everything perfectly (even lemon rinds!). Also, the customer service and warranty are excellent. Here are some of the delicious smoothies that I make with my Vitamix…

Actifry – many people haven’t heard of this appliance but I use it each week in our house for homemade fries made with a minimum of oil. They come out perfectly every time and there is minimal cleanup, so this alone is worth it to me. I have also used this appliance to make other vegetables and even granola!

Paderno Spiralizer – This is a manual device that I use to make “pasta” out of all kinds of vegetables. From zucchini to sweet potato to beets and more, this device makes spiralizing easy. And it’s less expensive than buying “pre-spiralized” veggies.

Reduce Toxins to Improve Your Health

DoTERRA Essential oils – I started to use essential oils in our home a few years ago and eventually replaced all of our toxic chemicals with a natural equivalent. My favourite product with doTERRA is actually the Lifelong Vitality supplements! Feel free to book a free call with me here to learn more about how you can use them for your individual needs.

Safe Sleeve EMF protector – I keep myself protected from the EMF frequencies being emitted from my device. I’m not about to stop using my cell, so this is the next best thing to reduce my exposure. Use promo code CELLSAFE15 for 15% off your first order.

Santevia Power Water Stick – Santevia is a fantastic company specializing in alkaline water filter systems. We have a reverse osmosis system in our house, so I don’t need a full filter, but I use their mineral sticks to re-mineralize our water. It makes for great tasting water that is healthy for the body too. A good stocking stuffer!

Jumpstart Your Health – Education, knowledge is power!

Essential Oils for Abundant Living Online Class – Have you ever wondered what people use essential oils for other than making your home smell nice? Do you wonder what the difference is between essential oils and synthetic fragrances? (hint: a lot!) This online course will help you to understand how you can use essential oils to improve the health of your whole family. I own it and refer to it often. Earlybird discount until December 14.

Finding Foodease Program – This is a fantastic online group program that cuts the confusion and takes you through 4 weeks of healthy eating so that you feel confident in your food choices and create the habits that make them a no-brainer. And the support extends beyond the 4 weeks in our private community so that you can continue to progress on your journey and make your results are long-lasting. Earlybird discount available, you can also email me here with questions if you want to gift this program to someone else.

FMTV subscription – This is one of my favourite channels. It’s like Netflix for health at about the same cost. With documentaries, recipes, exercise programs and lots of other information, there is something for everyone. It comes with a 30-day free trial too! I highly recommend that you give it a try.

Get Cozy and Relax

The Happiness Advantage – I am reading this book for a session that I am taking part in next year and am halfway through it. It’s a great read for anyone who wants to live a happier life. And don’t we all!?

Lovechock Dark Chocolate – I don’t keep it a secret that my special treat usually includes chocolate. This brand is extra special. It’s organic, vegan, has a high cacao % and is delicious. I know someone in your life would love to find this in their stocking! Use the promo code BFW for 10% off your entire order.

Glerup Slippers – I love these comfy and sturdy slippers to keep my feet warm in the cold months.

Philips Wake Up Light Alarm Clock – I recently ditched my phone as an alarm and instead use this gentle light alarm clock. It also has nature sounds that you can add to your wake-up routine. Start your day on the right foot and avoid those startling or annoying noises from traditional alarm clocks.

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