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Breakfast frittata

Breakfast Frittata

This is such a great savory breakfast that will leave you satisfied and help fuel your body through the morning! It’s a recipe that can

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Carrot Noodle Pad Thai
Sides & Salads

Carrot Noodle Pad Thai

I love Thai food! But some dishes are heavy with refined starch (in the noodles) that can create inflammation in the body resulting in unwanted

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banana ice cream

Banana Ice Cream

If you haven’t tried this one-ingredient ice cream, it is the best!! Easy, fast, delicious and healthy. And, the kids love it. Bananas provide a

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Kale cucumber salad
Sides & Salads

Kale Cucumber Salad

I like kale. Except for when it tastes like cardboard:) I’m pretty particular about how I like my kale prepared and that is: trimmed of its

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fermented carrots
Sides & Salads

Fermented Carrots

Want to make your own probiotics without a probiotic pill, kombucha SCOBY, or kefir grains? I mean a super-easy, anti-inflammatory, gut-friendly probiotic recipe? Then this

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cashew milk

Cashew Milk

Did you know that you can make milk from nuts and seeds? If not, then you haven’t been looking too closely in the grocery store

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