Category: Treats


Calming Choco-cado Pudding

(Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Vegan) Photo + Recipe Credit: Jennifer Barr @theplantedone Desserts are delicious, no two ways about it. But isn’t is awesome when we can be

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Chocolate Ice Cream

Ice cream was one of my favourite desserts growing up. But we usualy had a store bought brand full of undesirable additives, flavourings and colourings. Nothing compares

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Homemade Chocolate

Love chocolate?? So do I! Luckily I can justify the occasional chocolate treat given the health benefits of cacao. The only issue is that I need to

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Cinnamon Apples

A much-loved dessert in our house is apple crisp. I often make it on special occasions. And I have created a healthy version which is

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Sides & Salads

Summer Fruit Salad

Check out this sweet snack that won’t spike your blood sugar!! Fruit salad is a popular healthy dessert, so I wanted to give you my recipe

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Chocolate Frosty

We have all had a fast-food milkshake at some point. And they are delicious and addictive, and unfortunately also full of excess sugars and other

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